About Catch Wrestling program brings together grappling techniques from multiple sources to help you develop effective grappling skills.


Simply put, Catch Wrestling is a form of grappling.  While there are many popular styles of grappling out there (Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Sambo, to name a few) Catch is based in techniques originally developed in Lancashire, England during the late 1800’s.  It is a “no-gi” form of grappling, and is comprised of effective take-downs, throws, ground-based rides, breakdowns, and transitions, combined with countless excruciating submission holds.  Catch had (and still has) a reputation as a very aggressive form of grappling, particularly when compared to other styles.  The term “No Holds Barred” actually originated with Catch Wrestling, as there are no illegal submissions, holds, pins or take-downs.  

The term “catch wrestling” is actually an abbreviation of the form’s original name; Catch As Catch Can.  Wrestlers who practiced this art trained to “catch hold” of any part of their opponent that was available, and to use any submission hold to win.  Many modern, competitive styles of wrestling have roots in Catch Wrestling, including Olympic Freestyle, Collegiate Folkstyle, and even Professional Wrestling.  Although many of its techniques are actually hundreds of years old, Catch continues to evolve as a modern form of grappling.  The style’s focus on top-side dominance, application of pain, and constant pressure on one’s opponent make it extremely effective and efficient for combat sports, military and law enforcement applications, and self-defense.

The Catch program is an amazing and unique one.  It offers an effective grappling art not found anywhere else in Fort Worth, Dallas, or Arlington.  Breakaway from a style that limits your techniques and jumps into something different, authentic, and highly effective.