Private training is a great way to increase your ability to overcome challenges in life. Whether you want to improve your skill sets or like to start training but need more time to be ready for an entire class setting? We got you covered! Have the full instructor’s attention and learn the best way to protect yourself and your loves. We are here to ensure that your learning experience is unique with the best VIP experience! So what to expect with personal VIP training? The benefits are endless

PRIVATE TRAINING is an excellent way to:

  • Start a journey of discovery
  • Individual Attention
  • Challenge yourself
  • Education of the mind and body 
  • Accountability 
  • Consistency 
  • Clarity
  • Balance
  • Tone Muscles
  • Confidence
  • Personalized plans 
  • Better improvements in each session 
  • Variety of self-defense & fitness training
  • Having FUN as you perfect yourself!


Our private training instructors will gladly work with you guiding you through the grappling process. The teaching methodology is to help you achieve your goals and help you reach those goals that you have always wanted! We understand that starting a new journey can be overwhelming. This is why we will be with you as you the empowerment to overcome the challenges.


Unlike most schools, private training can get expensive, depending on the school. This is why here at FWGC, we strive to give the best and afford one-on-one training. You will pay a lot more for little information in most places, but FWGC offers affordable prices with valuable information. We value each customer and student who walks into the school’s doors.



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